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IVF medicine induced

IVF medicine induced

εξωσωματικη με φαρμακα
A fairly high percentage of couples who fail to acquire a child normally or via mild methods of assisted reproduction resort to IVF with injectable drugs. 

The philosophy of IVF is based on the physiology that around the 5th to 6th day of the cycle all follicles are sacrificed hormonally and anatomically to allow only one of them to continue maturing until ovulation.

The purpose of extracorporeal therapy is to administer the substances naturally produced in the body at higher doses so that it is not necessary to sacrifice the follicles of the group that we mentioned but all of them proceed towards maturation.

When should a couple resort to IVF?

The most common causes include:
  • tubal occlusion
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • endometriosis
  • increased reproductive age of the woman
  • diagnosis of unexplained infertility
  • poor sperm parameters (number, mobility, morphology) 

IVF is a complex process involving several stages. Both conventional IVF, ICSI and ovarian stimulation protocols vary from clinic to clinic, but in each case the appropriate combination selected of those will give the best possible result.

What are the main stages of IVF?

Supress hormone production

At the beginning, the doctor will administer medications that are aimed at blocking the production of hormones secreted normally in each monthly cycle. Thus, it is possible to administer exogenously hormones for controlled egg production.

Ovaries technical stimulation

Ovarian stimulation is performed with so-called pituitary gonadotropins. Medicines containing these hormones are designed to control ovarian stimulation to produce multiple follicles and egg cells. The administration of these drugs and their results are monitored by following two parameters:

  • increase the size of the follicle with frequent ultrasound scanning
  • by monitoring a hormone from the blood called estradiol

Egg collection - egg retrieval

The collection of eggs is an easy procedure that takes place under mild sedation. It takes about 10-20 minutes depending on the number of eggs. Through an ultrasound and by using a fine needle a paracentesis of the follicles is performed and follicular fluid is drawn together with the egg. The egg is detected, isolated from the remaining cells of the follicular fluid and is maintained under appropriate conditions up until the point of fertilization.

Within an hour the female partner may leave the clinic, provided of course that she has recovered from the slight dizziness due to the anesthesia. The most painful part of IVF has now been completed.

Sperm collection

After having completed the process of egg collection the male partner delivers the sperm in the laboratory to be processed and prepared for the imminent fertilization of the eggs. The collection of the sample can be performed in the lab within an hour. Alternatively, and only for specific reasons, the husband can provide a sample in the days preceding the egg collection, which can be cryopreserved (if possible). The thawing and the use of the sample take place on the day of oocyte retrieval.

Coupling of egg and sperm - fertilization

The fertilization takes place in the laboratory by highly trained personnel. On the day of oocyte retrieval the fertilization of the eggs is performed with the sperm of the male partner or the sperm of an alternative donor, provided that the couple has been informed about this and has decided to proceed with the procedure. After about 18 hours the couple will be able to know, how many eggs have been fertilized.

Embryo Transfer


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