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Oocytes' Fertilization Method

Conventional IVF

This technique is considered to be the least invasive to the normal ovum-sperm fertilization process. Oocytes after sampling are placed together with the sperm in special conditions, as happens in the woman's body, so within a few hours the most appropriate sperm will fertilize the respective egg.

The process is considered to be the least invasive process in the case the most "capable - helathy" sperm is the one and not another not ideal that will randomly move into fertilization.  In other words, the oocyte is able to chose and select the appropriate sperm that will reassure its future evolving into an embryo.

Despite all that, conventional IVF is a matter of sperm quality. Sperm mobility, number and morphology is evaluated. In case one of these parameters is reduced, ICSI may be applied.

ICSI - microfertilization

ICSI technique has helped many couples with significant infertility problems to have children. This technique involves the placement of the sperm cell into the egg by means of a very thin needle. Once the sperm cell is immobilised, it is aspirated into the needle which enters the interior of the egg by penetrating both the zone and the membrane which protect the egg.When this occurs, the sperm cell is placed inside of the egg and the needle is removed from it.

A few hours later, the embryologist will know if fertilisation has taken place. All these procedures are performed under microscope with the use of micro-toolstocontrol micromanipulation. The embryologist examines the sperm under the microscope and decides whether ICSI will increase the chances of having a child.

Usually it is recommended when:

  • The number of sperm cells is low.
  • The sperm cells mobility is low and they have poor morphology.
  • There are a large number of anti-sperm antibodies in the sample.
  • IVF attempts have been made and few or none of the ovahave been fertilised.
  • The sperm cells originate directly from the epididymis or following a biopsy.

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